Phyla nodiflora Frogfruit


Phyla nodiflora
Also known as: Turkey Tangle Fogfruit, Frogfruit


Phyla nodiflora

Also known as: Turkey Tangle Fogfruit & Frogfruit

Outstanding nectar source for pollinating insects; native bees, butterflies. Excellent, robust evergreen ground cover in frost-free areas. Nicely attractive in hanging basket or growing over boulders. Once established it’s drought and flood tolerant. Butterfly Larval Host Plant for Phaon Crescent, White Peacock Butterflies.

Yearly Foliage: Perennial

Hardiness Zone: 6-10

Light: Partial to filter shade, morning sun with afternoon shade

Mature Growth: creeping 6 inches tall

Soil: Average to Moist

Blooms: May – July

Wildlife: Nectar-insects, Nectar-butterflies, Nectar-bees, Hummingbirds

Larval Host Plant for: Phaon Crescent butterfly, White Peacock butterfly


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