Vincent Gardens Wildlife Symposiums

The secrets behind beneficial bees and butterflies

In our continued mission to:

  • butterfly-onlyProvide information and education about the native plants of our area and the benefits of using native plants in the landscape
  • Provide information and education about invasive plant species, and how to help eliminate them
  • Provide information and education about environmental issues impacting conservation of natural resources
  • Promote conservation of native plants in the natural landscape,
    • including identifying Georgia’s protected plants, and working to preserve them
    • purchasing plants from a reputable grower, not digging plants in the wild

Vincent Gardens hold regular Symposiums throughout the year where you can learn from guest speakers about the benefits of bees and butterflies within your garden.

Everyone likes to have a beautiful and calming garden that the whole family can enjoy, so why not combine that with one that is beneficial to the bees and butterflies as well, and in return they will bring their beauty to enhance your garden.