Viburnum obovatum, Withlacoochee


Viburnum obovatum, Walter’s Withlacoochee


Viburnum obovatum, Walter’s Withlacoochee

The Withlacoochee was voted “Best New Ornamental Plant” in 2003 by Florida Nurserymen and Allied Trade Show. It’s growth habits stays uniformed and does not get leggy as other species do. In Spring showy white blooms appear and flowering for 2 to weeks. During the winter the foliage turns maroon responding to cold weather and keeping a very full appears in the winter holding more of its leaves than other Viburnums.

Excellent nesting, covering, and food source for a variety of birds and wildlife with it’s dense foliage. Use as a large semi-evergreen hedge, natural screen or border and may be pruned for more compact hedge. Best grown in moist soils, but will tolerant drought once established.
For planting as a privacy row hedge you’ll need to space at least 8-10 feet apart.
Multi-Trunked Semi-Evergreen Shrub

Yearly Foliage: Evergreen

Hardiness Zone: 7-10

Light: Full Sun to part shade

Mature Growth: 6-15 feet high – 6-8 feet wide

Soil: Average, Moist, sandy acid fertile

Blooms: Spring

Wildlife: Nectar-insects, Nectar-butterflies, Nectar-bees, Birds food source

Plant Size when available: 2 gallon

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Weight 7 lbs

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