Silene, Royal Catchfly


Silene regla



Silene regla

Perennial Wildflower
Silene regia is a species of flowering plant in the pink family known by the common name royal catchfly. It is native to the central United States. This perennial herb grows from a fleshy taproot. There are several erect stems growing up to 5 feet tall. The leaves are lance-shaped to oval and up to 5″ long, becoming smaller farther up the stem. There is an array of many flowers at the top of the stem. The lobes of the bright red corolla are 1″ long. The flowers are pollinated by the ruby throated hummingbirds.
This plant has a VULNERABLE conservations status and should be treasured.

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Light: Part shade

Mature Growth: 5 feet high

Soil: well drained. Rocky prairies, open woods, rocky glades

Blooms: May to September

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees & hummingbirds

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