Odontonema Red Firespike


Odontonema strictum, Red Firespike


Odontonema strictum

Deciduous Shrub
Red Firespike is a must have for southern butterfly and hummingbirds gardens. Purple tubular flowers, upright panicles 9-12 inch long with individual flowers are about an inch long and two lipped. Shiny dark green foliage with wavy margins and long pointed leaves. In frost free areas is an evergreen semi-woody shrub.  In zone 8 to 9 it usually dies back to the ground in winter and re-sprouts in spring. Spreading by underground sprouting, enlarging to form a thicket, but easy to control and keep contained. Deer also like feeding on the foliage.

Hardiness Zone: 8-10

Light: Morning sun, filter sun, semi-shade in late afternoon best.

Mature Growth: 3-4 feet high – 4 feet wide

Soil: Average well drained, loam

Blooms: late Summer into Fall

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies & bees


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