Crataegus, Hawthorn


Crataegus marshallii



Crataegus marshallii

This plant is a member of the Rosacease Family and is a small deciduous tree or shrub that can grow up to 25 feet with slender, thorny – or sometimes thorn-less – branches. The dainty, white, five-petaled blossoms are followed by bright-red, persistent fruits. This species has very ornamental foliage; it is deeply cut, resembling garden parsley. Small tree with wide-spreading, slender branches and broad, irregular, open crown of parsley like foliage; or often, a low much-branched shrub. Leaves become colorful in fall. The leaves resemble large leaves of Parsley.

One of the easiest hawthorns to recognize, with its small, divided leaves and small, oblong fruit and has a lot of nectar to attract those hummingbirds, bees and other pollinators to your garden!

Yearly Foliage: Deciduous 

Hardiness Zone: 7-9

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Mature Growth: 10-25 feet high

Soil: Average soil

Blooms: Summer

Wildlife: Nectar-insects, Nectar-butterflies, Nectar-bees, Hummingbirds


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