Scutellaria, Skullcap

Scutellaria integrifolia  Also known as: Skullcap, Helmet Skullcap


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Helmet Skullcap 
Also known as: Scutellaria integrifolia

Native Perennial: A small patch of white splashes the center of these small, bluish-purple, tubular, two-lipped flowers. Several flowers adorn each short spike, the stems having smallish, elliptical, opposite leaves just below the flowers. Attractive to butterflies.

Hardiness Zone: 7 to 9

Light: Full Sun to part shade

Mature Growth: 2-4 feet high

Soil: dry to moist area, well drained

Habitat:  Dry to moist – pine flatwoods, sandhills, moist hammocks, and disturbed areas

Blooms: Mid-summer to mid-fall  (August-November)

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees & hummingbirds


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