Glandularia Beach Verbena


Glandularia maritima



Glandularia maritima

Perennial Wildflower
Beach Verbena is a Sprawling native, perennial wildflower making an excellent nectar source for butterflies and other pollinators with lovely clusters of lavender flowers blooming in Spring. Native to Eastern Coastline and Florida endanger wildflower. The beautiful flowers are perfect for dried flower arrangements. Verbena was considered a sacred plant in northern Europe and is said to have been included in love potions. It has been used traditionally in Italian folk medicine for rheumatic pain and wounds and in Ayurvedic medicine as a contraceptive. Verbena is said to be a medicinal plant in Argentina and Paraguay.

Hardiness Zone: 8-10

Light: Full sun

Mature Growth: 2-3 feet high

Soil: average to sandy, well drained
Drought and Salt tolerant

Blooms: Early Spring – Fall

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies & bees

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