Eupatorium, Joe Pye Weed


Eupatorium fistulosum

Also known as: Queen of the Meadow



Joe Pye Weed
Also known as: Eupatorium fistulosum, Queen of the Meadow

Native Perennial: Pink to purplish large rounded terminal clusters that highly attractive to pollinators when in bloom from late spring into fall.  Use in the background in a perennial border. Staking beneficial.  Attractive to many pollinators.

Hardiness Zone: 4-8

Light: Full Sun to part shade

Mature Growth: 4-6 feet

Soil: Prefers humus rich soil that does not dry out.

Habitat: Tolerate: Deer, Wet Soil

Blooms: Spring into summer

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies, bees & other pollinators


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