Passionflower Corky Stemmed


Passiflora suberosa


Passiflora suberosa, Corky Stemmed Passion Vine

The flowers on this plant usually grow as a single blossom every 4 or 5 inches down the stem with very light greenish petals and light yellow filaments and a white center. The shiny maple-shaped leaves make this plant attractive even when not in blossom. This vine produced hundreds of these blossoms during this past summer which in turn produce many tiny ½ inch deep purple passion fruits. The vine grows to about 10 feet and was pretty much pest free. Keep in the ground and protect it in the winter months with a very light mulch. Native to Florida, Texas, South America, Mexico, Caribbean

Please beware that parts of this plant may be toxic if ingested.

Yearly Foliage: Evergreen – semi-evergreen, may die back in winter

Hardiness Zone: 8-10

Light: Full Sun to partial shade

Mature Growth: 30 feet high

Soil: Average, drought tolerant once established

Blooms: Continuous in absence of frost

Wildlife: Nectar-insects, Nectar-butterflies, Nectar-bees

Larval Host Plant for: Zebra, Gulf Fritillary butterflies

 If SOLD OUT, Please NOTE: 8/15/21 UPDATE – Our next crop available late FALL during dormant season as BARE ROOTED PLANTS.   Back-orders will be shipping once the plant has a well established root system.    It’s possible there just might be eggs or caterpillars on the vine when plants are shipped during late summer.  

Remember that the passion vine is a host plant, the foliage is food for the caterpillars.  The goal for successful habitat is to have as much foliage as possible so caterpillars do not go hungry.  Growing Tips:  Once the passion vine begins on put on foliage start pinching the tips of the new growth.  This will encourage and increase more vining so pinch, pinch, pinch off the new growth for a few weeks.  Then your passion vine will be load with enough food to feed your caterpillars.  

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