Baptisia alba


Baptisia alba 

also know as: Thick-Pod White Wild Indigo


Baptisia alba

Perennial Wildflower
This bushy upright herb looks more like a woody shrub that an herbaceous perennial. Typical plant grow to about 3 feet tall from an erect 4-8″ stem. Leaves are 3 parted. Leaflets are up to about 3″ long and often have a milky bloom on the upper surface. Flowers are slightly more than ¾” long, creamy white, and borne in a conspicuous showy raceme. The fruit is a spreading or hanging ¾-1 3/4″ legume that becomes black with age.

Hardiness Zone: 8-9

Light: Full sun

Mature Growth: 3 feet high

Soil: well drained
Woodlands and dry roadsides. FL, GA, SC, NC

Blooms: April to June

Wildlife: Flowers are attractive to butterflies & bees.

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