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We do not ship to the following states:  AZ, CA, OR, WA, NM, UT due to agriculture restriction & quarantine rules.   Shipping to these western states requires additional fees for shipping which are too expensive for the small quantity orders that we ship.
How plant/plants will be prepared for shipping as followed:
We plan timing of shipment for your convenience to minimize holding time in route, so please let us know your schedule information up front. The foliage maybe trimmed to accommodate the shipping container and the root system soaked in water and then plant/plants are carefully wrapped clean newsprint.   We do recycle boxes from our local florist whenever possible and we never use poly peanuts as a packing material. 
You can rest assured we will do everything possible to reduce risks of damage to your plants during the shipping process, but realize we're powerless over carriers services, so in the rare event this may happen please know we will be happy to work with you on any concerns that may arise.  
Shipping charges are base on weight and distance, we do charge a small handling fee that's included in shipping cost. The shipping carrier we currently use is Fed Ex.  Shipping days are on Tuesday or Wednesday, so your plant/plants will arrive at your door by Friday or Saturday.
Please note: Our shipping department will be closed for the month of August, due to the summer heat. You may order at any time for a delay shipment in September.
When your plant arrives: Special Care Instructions
Unpack the plant/plants, and remove any packing material.  Place the plants in a shady spot, and water them thoroughly. They should perk up overnight, if looking wilted.  Let them catch their breath for 3-4 days, and then plant them in your favorite garden spot, again watering weekly.  Plants can actually be maintained in a container for several days, by just keeping them moist and in dappled-light until you are ready to plant them in the garden. 
Vincent Gardens is licensed by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  Live Plant inspection tag will be included with each shipment.  Please feel free to contract us with your questions and comments, which are always welcome.
Thank You for your consideration.  Happy Gardening, 
Vincent Gardens
Donna Vincent