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Cape Fear - tree originated in North Carolina. It is protandrous (Type 1) and typically starts bearing at a young age. Pollen shedding in 'Cape Fear' is very early. 'Elliott' or 'Stuart' are fair pollinizers for 'Cape Fear' and vice versa. 'Cape Fear' trees are vigorous and upright with an opened growth habit. It is a strong tree with a deep taproot. 'Cape Fear' has been a consistent producer at the North Florida Research Center in Monticello. Nut weight is typically 7.5 to 8.2 g (58 nuts per pound) with a 55% kernel. Kernel color is light and attractive. Nut shape is broad oval to oblong. Shell thickness is medium-thin. Resistance to scab is good, and resistance to other leaf diseases is fair.

Pawnee - Dwarf, early maturity, large size, high yields, fast growing tree producing long unbranched limbs, branching well later, producing fruit throughout the tree. Does well for small gardens. Nuts/lb: 55. Early season. Zones 6-10. 

Stuart - An all time favorite. A heavy bearer with excellent quality. It should be pollinated with Desirable. Resistant to scab. Suitable to many different climates. Fast growing. Nuts/lb: 40. Zones 6-10.

Sumner - Very large nuts with good quality and darker colored kernels. Very disease resistant plus strong upright growth and semi-open canopy. Excellent variety for home. Good for close space planting. Nuts/lb: 48. Zones 5-10.

NOT AVAILABLE for 2013 Elliott - has a small, teardrop-shaped nut of extremely high quality. Growers should receive a premium price for a small nut because of its plump, perfect halves. Percentage fill and specific gravity are high. It bears alternately, but nut quality remains high in the ON years. Growers should seek those specialty markets that are aware of the merits of this cultivar, otherwise it might bring seedling prices. High scab resistance makes it a good choice for home orchard plantings. ‘Elliott’ is susceptible to late spring freezes and should not be planted in north Georgia or in low spots.

NOT AVAILABLE for 2013 Oconee - One of the newer releases from the U.S.D.A. Pecan Breeders. The Oconee is a Barton-Schley cross. Variety has good nut size (about 50 per pound), a 55% kernel and has good disease resistance.

Research these pecan varieties for Georgia Orchards at  UGA Publication


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